The idea of establishing our family company – MAS s.c. emerged in 2014. We started to work on a prototype of a search coil. The decision concerning the size was unanimous – around 13"-14".  This size will give the metal detector extra sensitivity and depth, still it is not too big for long wandering.

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The experience of our team members in the field of electronics let us create search coils that can be called market leaders.

Development of the family company, especially its’ research division implementing new technologies, allowed us to make products of high quality and performance.

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  • Search coil MAS DD 13,5”


    We carefully worked on the design of the  coils shape to get the best parameters in our MAS DD 13,5” search coil.

    Each of the coils i s manually tuned to ensure you get the best of it.  The unique shielding technology of the tailor-made  coil cable reduces false signals, making it possible for the metal detector to work in more sensitive mode thus increasing its depth.

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  • Search coil MAS DD 13,5”


    Metal detecting coil is constantly  exposed to contact with stones, rocks or tree roots or branches, thus must be tough and really resistant to damage. The housing of our coils is made of solid UV resistant ABS plastic with 2 mm thick wall. The special resin filling makes it even harder and impossible to damage whilst  normal use.

    The filling we use is not only lighter but also more resistant in comparison with resins normally used as fillings in coils of other makes.

     Tailor made  coil cable for our MAS DD 13,5” search coils, covered with special shielding, gives additional  protection against false signals and is designed for constant work ( twistning around the stem), making it more resistant to damage.

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  • Search coil MAS DD 13,5”


    Close cooperation with a recognised manufacturer of resins resulted in developing a special formula of  the coil body filling, that makes it lighter and more resistant to extreme temperature conditions.

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17 Nov 2017

Smart City Expo at Barcelona 2017

Thank You for visiting our stand at the Smart City Expo stand at Barcelona during the fairs 14-16 November 2017.

25th Oct 2017

"It used to be ... but not forgotten" - in a nutshell

Thank You for visiting GREEN Camo stand at Lublin 21-22 October 2017, where we could present our products. Hope you had great fun at the fairs!

5 Dec 2017

Winner of the contest "TARNOW INNOVATION 2017"

Our product MAS DD 13,5" coil has been awarded by the Local Authorities of Tarnow.